Year 2007 Activities


Mon Community of Fort Wayne Participates in Dance Explosion in Fort Wayne
MSOA and MRC members held demonstration in front of UN HQ in New York
60th Anniversary of Mon Revolutionary Day Ceremony
Mon celebrate Three Rivers Festival of Fort Wayne, Indiana
Mon participate  in Three Rivers Festival's cultural show
Commemorating 4th anniversary of   Nai Yekah and Nai Cheem Gakao's imprisonment, Maesod, Thailand 
Mon Sangha Organization of America formed in the United States
Opening Mon literacy school in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Ordaining Buddhist novice in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Report on meeting with UN official in Mon (pdf)
Mon joined Asia Festival in Columbus, Ohio
Mon High School  students participate in Culture Day
Mon Songkran, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Mon Cultural show at United Arts Center in Fort Wayne, IN
The 4th Conference of MYO (USA)
CC members of Mon Youth Organization of USA
Celebration of 60th Mon National Day, Akron, Ohio (photos)
Mon Cultural Show at International Arts Festival in Fort Wayne,IN
Celebration of 60th MND, Fort Wayne, (video clip)
Celebration of 60th MND, Fort Wayne (Photos)
Celebration of 60th Mon National Day, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA (News)
Celebration of 60th Mon National Day, St. Paul, Minnesota (Photos)
The 4th Annual Meeting of MWAA
The 13th Conference of MRC
MRC Newsletter Vol. No.1



Activities from other Mon Organizations


Monland Update reported by MUL (PDF)
Opening Ceremony of Mon School Sukha Hongsar, Maesod, Thailand
Mon Temple of Los Angeles, California 
Celebration of 60th Mon National Day, Mae Sod, Thailand (photos)
Free Political Prisoner, Nai Yekha Brochure (pdf file)