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(Formerly Monland Restoration Council-USA)

Commemorating 62nd Mon Revolutionary Day Day

August 9,2009–Fort Wayne, IN —

MRC-Fort Wayne held 62nd Anniversary of Mon Revolutionary Day in Fort Wayne, Indiana in order to honour Mon leaders and comrades who fought for and continue to fight for Mon national cause. In this ceremony, Mon veteran Nai Mon Kyan (Right) urged Mons in the U.S not to forget Mon people in Thai-Burma border. Political situation is not getting better in Monland. Now the SPDC is preparing to attack the NMSP. So he urged all Mons should be ready to support the NMSP.  Nai Mon Kyan who had served MNLA for many years lost both of his arms and eyes in a battle fighting against the Burmese army.  Another Mon veteran Nai Taing Weang also urged  Mons around the world to be ready to support Mon revolution if the SPDC attacks the NMSP. In the ceremony, MRC-FW also honoured Mon veterans for their services for national cause.