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(Formerly Monland Restoration Council-USA)


May 8, 2010

May 5, 2010 (The 8th waning day of Pa Sike in Mon Lunar Calendar) is the 253rd anniversary of the Fallen Day of Hongsawatoi Mon Kingdom.  On this day in 1757, the Burman ruler, U Aung Zeya, attacked and devastated the Hongsawatoi Mon Kingdom by indiscriminate and inhumane killing of countless number of Mon including Mon learned Monks, pregnant women and children. Some were even burned alive in stockades throughout the kingdom. It was the darkest chapter in our Mon history. The ruthless destruction of  Mon by U Aung Zeya and his army was often equated with the destruction of Jews by the Nazis.

As a result, we, the Mon around the world annually commemorate the Fallen Day of Hongsawatoi Mon Kingdom in remembrance of tens of thousands of Mon who were ruthlessly persecuted by Burman ruler, U Aung Zeya at the fall of Hongsawatoi.  This day is also remembered as Holocaust Memorial Day of the Mon People.

Although 253 years have passed since the ruthless killing of Mon people and devastation of Hongsawatoi Mon Kingdom by the Burma ruler U Aung Zeya, the present day Mon are still subjected to persecution and ethnic cleansing by the successive Burmese governments. It appears that history repeats itself again and again. Instead of addressing the grievances and aspiration of Mon and other ethnic nationalities in Burma, the current military regime even escalates the persecution, marginalization and discrimination against our Mon and other ethnic nationalities. Currently, the Burmese military regime, the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) attempts to transform the Mon and other ethnic nationalities forces into Border Guard Forces without any tangible political solution and guarantees. The New Mon State Party (NMSP) rightly rejected the force transformation proposal by the SPDC on April 22, 2010 and it seems that the armed conflict between the NMSP and the SPDC is inevitable. As a result, a large number of Mon civilians are again abandoning their villages and taking refuge in the Halockani Mon refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border. In 1757, at the fall of Hongsawatoi Mon Kingdom, some of Mon, who were comparatively fortunate enough to escape from the ruthless killing of  U Aung Zeya, had fled to Thailand to take refuge over there. Today, tens of thousands of innocent Mon civilians again have to abandon their beloved motherland and take refuge in the refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border. Despite years and centuries have been changed, the plight of Mon people are more or less the same with a constant fearing and fleeing from political persecution by the Burmese military rulers.

As a result, we would like to urge all Mon and friends of Mon around the globe to be rock-solidly united and stand behind the NMSP in defending against and fighting for the rights of our Mon people. Without our national rights and democratic principles that can safeguard the political, social, economic and cultural rights of our Mon people, our Mon may still have to flee from persecution like this for many centuries to come. Therefore, it is now a critical moment for us all to decide whether we fight or we flight. Democratic forces in the country like NLD and others are hand in hand with the ethnic nationalities in fighting against the BCG proposal and the sham election in 2010 which is deliberately intended to prolong the military rule. If, we, Mon have a rock-solid unity among all our Mon and then build a unity with other ethnic nationalities and democratic forces in Burma and around the world, we will certainly achieve our national goals and then can put an end to plight of fleeing from persecution like this once and for all.

Therefore, on this unforgettable day in our history, we urge:

· All Mon around the globe to be united behind the NMSP in defending against and fighting for the rights of our Mon people, and in boycotting  the upcoming SPDC's election.

· The SPDC to immediately stop the practice of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and all forms of human rights violations against the Mon and all other ethnic nationalities,

· The SPDC to immediately initiate a genuine tripartite dialogue with ethnic nationalities and elected representatives,

· International community not to recognize the SPDC’s planned election in 2010 without constitutional amendments as demanded by the democratic forces and ethnic nationalities

 The statement is jointly issued by:

1. Australia Mon Association (AMA)

2. Euro Mon Community

3. Mon Canadian Society

4. Monland Restoration Council (USA)

5. Mon Women's Association of America

6. Mon Women’s Organization of Canada

7. National League for Consolidating and Aiding (Mae Sot, Thailand)

8. Mon National Democratic Front (Liberated Area)

9. Mon Unity League (Thailand)

10. Overseas Mon Women’s Organization (Mae Sot, Thailand)