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(Formerly Monland Restoration Council-USA)

253rd Hongsawatoi Fallen Day/ Holocaust Memorial Day of Mon People

Mahachai, Thailand

253 years ago, thousands of Mon including 3000 Buddhist monks, women and children were massacred by Burman leader, U Aung Zeya when he invaded and occupied the last Mon kingdom, Hongsawatoi in 1757. Those who were fortunate escaped to Thailand.   Such massacre is equivalent to genocide in modern time.  In order to commemorate these victims, Thai-Mon community held 253rd Hongsawatoi Fallen Day/Holocaust  Memorial Day of Mon People ceremony in Mahachai, Thailand  on May 2, 2010. The ceremony was attended by hundreds of Mons including  Buddhist monks, Thai-Mon leaders, and president of NMSP, Nai Htaw Mon. The ceremony programs included giving speeches by Mon leaders, holding candlelight vigils and praying  for the victims. Like Mon in Monland, Mon in Thailand are also sharing the same horrible memory.  In order remember these victims, Mon both in Monalnd and Thailand have been holding Hongsawatoi Fallen Day/Holocaust Memorial Day every year.